Melissa LeadyI've always loved photography, but I didn't get serious about studying it until early in 2010 when I took a series of photography classes at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Washington.  In one of my classes, we studied an accomplished photographer each week, and one of those photographers happened to be National Geographic wildlife and nature photographer, Jim Brandenburg.  I really like his artistic approach to nature photography, and I was especially captivated by two of his "photo a day" books, Chased by the Light, and Looking for the Summer.

As my classes drew to an end, I decided to start my own photo a day blog based loosely on these books.  This daily practice became my classroom, and I continued to develop my photographic eye and creatively interpret the scenes in my daily life.  I've long given up on taking and posting a photo each day, but I do post regularly and my blog,, is still the main location to view and comment on my recent photos.

I started producing and selling my calendars in 2013 at the urging of some of my family after a few years of making calendars as gifts. It's been a fun project for me each year, and a great outlet for sharing my vision with a wider audience.

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