Hi, I'm Melissa Leady and I live in Washington state. I love to get out and travel around the Pacific Northwest with my husband, our three grown kids, and our dog, Hazel. Hiking, camping, getting my feet in the sand at the coast, and generally exploring outdoors  I'm creative and optimistic by nature, and photography is a great creative outlet for me.  I started taking photos as away to express emotionally what I was feeling and seeing. The easiest way to stay updated on my photography is to follow my blog 45 journal. And of course each year I put out a calendar of some of my favorite work.

My calendar project began in 2011 as holiday gifts for my family. I started selling in local bookstores the following year, and expanded to sell through my distributor Small Changes in Seattle, and on Amazon. I like the idea of selling calendars because it's such an accessible way to have a nice variety of photos on the wall throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy my website, blog, and photography!

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